Eureka Airport Runway 18/36; Eureka, Nevada

This project received the America Public Works Association (APWA) Nevada Section transportation 2013 Project of the year Award and is recommended by the Nevada Section board for a National APWA award. Additionally this project received the ENR Southwest magazine Airport/Transit Best Project Award for 2013. The Project was the reconstruction of runway 18/36, connecting taxiways, 73,500 square feet of apron, modifying runway lights, and modifying precision approach path indicators (PAPIs). The project was built within the 21 days to meet project closure requirements. Construction included pulverization of existing improvements, followed by 3” of FAA asphalt pavement on 7% cement treated base. The project progressed with pre-demolition and demolition operations taking place on one end of the runway, as the continuation of the cements treated base (CTB) and paving operations took place on the other. Pulverization and CTB operations of the runway allowed for nearly 100,000 square feet of demolition and prepared runway structure per day. RHB moved nearly 20,000 cubic yards of earth, mixed 1,400 tons of cement, placed 11,000 tons of asphalt, and hauled a million gallons of construction water. As planned, the Eureka County Airport was opened on time, with zero safety incidents, zero change orders and within budget.